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BMWK Innovation Day for SMEs


Once a year, the BMWK regularly invites our country's innovative SMEs and their research partners from Germany and abroad to the open-air grounds of AiF Projekt GmbH, which are then transformed into an open-air exhibition site. With around 300 exhibitors, this year's exhibition in the green will showcase new products, processes and services from all sectors, the development of which has been funded by the federal government. A special focus will be on topics of the future such as sustainability and climate protection, digital technology and health.

As a research association of the AiF, we are of course involved, and with two topics at once:

  • Bio-based PUR floor coverings: Up to 85% bio-based, toxicologically safe formulation components for PUR floor coverings. 

  • SmartMembrane: Heatable, flexible membrane with integrated sensors for flexible processing of snap-cure polymer systems into geometrically flexible lightweight components.


With these research projects, our scientific colleagues are right on trend. Smart materials, resource conservation and biologisation in industry are topics of the future if the social and economic transformation is to succeed.
An exciting stage programme, thematic guided tours, an International Area with the guest country Canada and a comprehensive range of advisory services complement the open-air exhibition. The innovation platform also offers numerous opportunities for networking with companies and research institutions and space for exchange with representatives from politics and government.
However, the exhibition is also open to the general public free of charge. Interested members of the public can also take the opportunity to stroll through this showcase of research-based SMEs and discover innovations.

Visit us in Berlin on 15 June. We look forward to seeing you!


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