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16. Thementage Grenz- und Oberflächentechnik & 13. Biomaterial-Kolloquium

Dr Frauke Junghans will be at the 16th Thementage Grenz- und Oberflächentechnik with her presentation "Novel barrier layers on seals to reduce CO2 permeation".

About the lecture:

Stationary and mobile refrigeration systems have been significantly involved in the emission of (partly) fluorinated greenhouse gases (HFC) for years. Therefore, development work is now being pushed to use the natural refrigerant carbon dioxide (CO2, R744) in e.g. mobile air-conditioning systems in passenger cars. The use of CO2 refrigerants also places special demands on the tightness of the refrigeration systems and thus on the sealing materials used. Above all, the higher temperatures and pressures occurring in a CO2 air-conditioning system and the pronounced permeation behaviour of CO2 towards polymer materials require an adaptation of the overall system and also of the sealing materials used. A development and production of flexible sealing materials based on inexpensive, commercially available elastomer materials through a specific surface modification for use as CO2 permeation barriers for refrigeration and air conditioning systems was carried out.

About the conference:

ThGOT is a conference on the topic of surface technology for practical applications. The conference takes place annually and is supplemented by the Optics and Biomaterials Colloquium in annual rotation.


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