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40th Lecture and Discussion Conference Materials Testing 2022

About the lectures

With his lecture "Prototype-free characterisation of yarn pull-out force", Dr. Martin Strangfeld will present results from a research project in which a possibility was sought to estimate the statements of the yarn pull-out force from the yarn friction value, which is easier to determine. For this purpose, a measuring system and a testing methodology were developed that depicts the friction situation in the fabric and converts it reproducibly into a characteristic value. The measuring module thus represents a novel possibility to characterise friction and wear parameters, e.g. depending on different process steps (dyeing, coating, ...), on the basis of short threads/yarns.

Dr. Susanne Fritz and Falk Simon present with their lecture "Objective evaluation of scratch visibility on grained surfaces" a new objective and quantitative evaluation method for scratches, in which the special properties of leather-like, grained materials were taken into account and especially the scratch visibility was in the foreground. The method is based on the analysis of a photographic close-up of the scratch, does not require any special equipment and combines the advantages of the previous, visual assessment (speed, visibility) with those of an objective characterisation (comparability, quantifiability, automatability).


About the conference

The conference will present advances in the entire field of testing and measurement technology as well as application-relevant problems in materials testing and their solutions. Exhibitors show their innovations and are actively integrated into the lecture programme with short presentations. In addition to mechanical and technological materials testing, the conference is open to the discussion of all testing methods with which the structural and functional properties of materials and components can be qualitatively assessed and quantitatively measured.



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