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EcoFram 2024: International Conference on Eco-Friendly Additives and Materials

EcoFram is an event that deals with the current situation and research on environmentally friendly flame retardants and additives. Furthermore, bio-based and biodegradable flame retardant polymers and composites will be discussed, as well as recycling, end-of-life and circular economy.
Dr Miriam Bader will give a lecture on: Biogenic residues as flame retardants for artificial leather based polyurethane. Together with the project partner Institute of Wood and Plant Chemistry at TU Dresden, she has equipped polyurethane artificial leather with flame retardants obtained from residues. The residual materials used were bark, keratin and starch residues, which were chemically modified to increase the proportion of phosphorus and nitrogen. The results of the various combustion tests are shown.


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