Guided city tour

With our qualified tour guides, visitors can discover the historic heart of the old city, with over 500 heritage-protected listed sites. You will learn many fascinating details about the 850-year history of the mining town, with tour guides happy to indulge your wishes along the way. Visitors can tour the sites of interest for silver mining or architecture, or re-trace the footsteps of the organ-builder Silbermann…

Silver Mine 'Reiche Zeche'

On a tour 150 meters below the ground level, mining of the 14th to 20th century can be experienced directly.

Before your tour start, you will be equipped with a persobal protection equipment (jacket or overall, helmet and headlight). At the beginning, a hoisting cage will bring you down to 150 m below ground level.

After that, the tour starts following nearly horizontal mining drives. The total walk distance is about 300 m. 

The tour ends back at the shaft and the hoisting cage is bringing us back to surface. This guided underground trail normally takes 45 Minutes.

Please be aware of low underground temperatures all year long of around 10° C. We are recommending wearing a warm sweater or fleece jacket. Likewise sturdy shoes are recommended.

Visit of 'Historicum'

The 'Historicum` is the scientific exhibition of the University of Freiberg.

Famous scientists and students of the university are  represented as:

  • Clemens Winkler (Discoverer of germanium- Ge and inventor of contact process to production of sulphuric acid),
  • Ferdinand Reich (Co-inventor of indium - In) and 
  • Wilhelm August Lampadius (Dicoverer of carbon disulfide and creator of the first gas lighting on earth).

Some of the famous students in former times are Alexander von Humboldt (nature scientist), Friedrich von Hardenberg (known as. Novalis, poet of romanticism) and Theodor Körner (poet of liberty).