Freiberg is a silver city, university city and the capital of mining. Founded around 1168, Freiberg soon became one of the wealthiest towns in Saxony due to the silver mining. Furthermore Freiberg has always been the home of many famous thinker. 

Its historic town centre has been placed under heritage conservation and is a chosen site for the proposed UNESCO World Heritage Site known as the Ore Mountain Mining Region. Until 1969, the town was dominated for around 800 years by the mining and smelting industries. In recent decades it has restructured into a high technology site in the fields of semiconductor manufacture and solar technology, part of Silicon Saxony. 

Sightseeings are e.g.:

  • historic city centre
  • Freudenstein Castle (incl. exhibition of minerals 'terra mineralia')
  • Cathedral of St. Mary
  • Concert and Conference Hall St. Nicholas
  • Silver Mine 'Reiche Zeche'
  • Theater
  • City Wall and Donatsturm

For more detailled information about Freiberg see the website of Tourist-Information Centre Freiberg or  the Image-Brochure of Freiberg.


A touristic city map, incl. parking spaces, sightseeings and restaurant you get here.