FILK Freiberg Appoints New Lead for its Accredited Test Lab

As of 1st of July 2017 the Freiberg (Germany) based leather and collagen research institute FILK appoints Dr. Sascha Dietrich to lead its accredited test lab. He takes over from Dr. Haiko Schulz, who was appointed General Manager in the beginning of this year.

Sascha Dietrich studied Chemistry at the Chemnitz Technical University which he finished in 2007. He then commenced his doctoral studies which he completed in 2012.

The same year he joined the institute as scientist in the division “Material Characterization” where he took the lead of the work group “Physical Testing” as part of the accredited test lab in 2015. With his research work he focused on the identification of structure-property relationships of flexible polymer matrices such as leather and coated textiles acquiring an extensive knowledge base for this materials.

With his new position he will now take over the management of the accredited test lab ensuring continued highly profound and quality service providing to its large number of costumers. Experience and skills from his scientific works will now be at service and of benefit to customers of FILK´s accredited test lab.