FILK at LABVOLUTION/BIOTECHNICA 2017, May 16-18, Messe Hannover

Collagen extracted from hide, tendon and other connective tissues is used as raw material in many different branches such as food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical industry and for manufacture of medical devices. It can be processed into foils, strands, tubes and 3D parts to manufacture hemostyptic sponges, implants, drug delivery systems, scaffolds for tissue engineering and food casings.

As specialist for applied collagen research FILK institute returns to LABVOLUTION/BIOTECHNICA 2017 in Hannover, Germany. The fair presentation will give an overview on the institute´s extensive range of services, particulary the development of extraction and processing technologies and products and collagen analytics according to standards for medical products (ASTM 2212 et al.):

  • Determination of species by molecular-biological techniques
  • Cytotoxicity
  • Endotoxin level (LAL-Assay)
  • Determination of collagen types

Current research activities are presented such as an ear printed by a Bioplotter and collagen-based model organs for minimally invasive surgery training.

Visit us at Labvolution/Biotechnica at the FILK-booth in Hall 20, Stand D66! You may make an appointment prior to the fair and order your eTicket-Voucher at the same time: appointment/eTicket-Voucher

We are looking forward to seeing you in Hannover!