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Open Business Week

The Open Business Week takes place in Central Saxony from 14 to 19 March 2022. It is the largest initiative for career orientation: an opportunity for pupils to get to know companies from the inside and to get a taste of very different professions. They can talk to employees, managers and trainees on site, try out their skills and find out what is important for a successful application. 

For companies, it is a welcome opportunity to get in touch with potential junior staff from the region at an early stage and to show the career entry opportunities in the company in order to prevent the shortage of skilled workers with foresight.

FILK presents itself to the pupils of the surrounding schools on three days. The following professions will be presented:

  • Biology laboratory technician

  • Chemistry laboratory assistant

  • Physics laboratory assistant

Questions will be answered by the coordinator of apprenticeships and student internships directly afterwards. A guided tour of the institute is also planned, Corona protection measures permitting.

Registration via www.wirtschaft-in-Mittelsachsen.de


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