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Head of Working Group

"Leather, imitation leather and textiles consistently manage to show new "error patterns". Even after long-time work in this field I cannot say: "I have seen it all". Failure analysis will never be boring, it’s kind of criminalistics in the laboratory: The error pattern and the traces are analysed, relevant tests scheduled and results assessed. In the end, the malefactor will have been determined and the problem solved. This work is very satisfying and motivates the whole team."


Antoaneta Trommer

Head of Working Group Material Failure Analysis


The accredited test laboratory offers a wide range of special analytics and methods for leather, coated textiles, textiles, foils and material composites in order to solve the most diverse tasks in assessment and failure analysis.

Failure Analysis

The accredited test lab offers a wide range of special analytics and methods for different tasks regarding expertise and failure analysis.

  • peel-off effects, surface abrasion

  • surface cracks, material breaks

  • discolouration / staining / blooming effects

  • delamination, adhesion problems

  • area shrinkage and dimensional stability  

  • loose-grain effects, waviness, folds

  • processing problems

Selection of suitable test methods and problem related interpretation of test results outlining the potential sources of material failure are an integral part of services offered.

Material Identification

  • material identification - leather, splits, coated textiles, etc.

  • product designation (watch straps, bags, mobile phone cases, etc.)

  • identification of animal origin of leather (cattle, goat, deer, etc.)

  • identification of leather type – aniline, semi-aniline or pigmented leather

  • test of full grain leather, identification of corrected grain leather

  • composite materials (correct labeling)


  • test of material properties, assessment of possible applications

  • compliance with standards and technical terms of supply

  • material comparison between delivered material and reference sample

  • estimation of suitability of new materials

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