Tannery pilot plant

Research activities in the leather pilot plant traditionally include all process steps of leather manufacture: swelling, liming, tanning, re-tanning and finishing. For this purpose tanning drums in different sizes are available.

In the tannery pilot plant small batches of special leathers are produced, e. g. for restoration of leather wallpapers, book covers and Silbermann organs typical for Ore Mountains area.

Due to the global division of labour in leather manufacture and processing scientific issues regarding the use of preserving agents and the determination of insufficient effectiveness arise more frequently.

Our tannery pilot plant is also authorised for materials used in the food industry.


  • 9 tanning drums for the incorporation of raw material of 0.5 to 100 kg

  • BMD fleshing machine AB 1.550

  • Moenus band knife splitting machine AB 2.500

  • Turner precision splitting machine

  • SVIT sammying machine type SVIT AB 1.800


  • BMD shaving machine AB 1.800

  • Stenter frame drying, vacuum drying

  • Spraying unit

  • Facilities for buffing, staking, milling, plating and embossing of leather


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