Surface modification / Varnishing

One focus of the surfaces department is the targeted modification and functionalisation of material surfaces by means of plasma processes, gas-phase fluorination, flaming and parylene coating. This way most different materials (plastics, textiles, leather) can be functionalised by bonding chemically reactive groups, or barrier coating and wear-protection coating from nanometre to micrometre scale can be generated.

Targeted functionalisation may for instance significantly improve adhesion between two materials, or the surface properties such as hydrophilic or hydrophobic properties can be adjusted in a targeted way. Afterwards, the pretreated materials may be coated for instance with lacquers. However, for this purpose investigations are necessary with regard to the wetting behaviour and the rheological properties of the coating materials as well as concerning their drying and networking behaviour.

All these techniques are applied for producing medical products, food packaging, laminated glasses, flexible light-emitting diodes and solar cells as well as for producing leather, coated textiles, flexible plastic films and elastomer seals.


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