Leather and Leather Processing

Besides wool, stone and wood leather is one of the oldest natural materials in human history. It has always been used as protective and decorative clothing but also as technical material. Today, leather has nearly vanished from technical applications. But despite numerous substitutes leather continues to be popular with the automotive, furniture, shoe and fashion industries thanks to its properties and its precious and natural character. And as sustainability and ecology play an important role in particular in these industries, there are consistently new approaches for research topics.

Head of Department

„The topic renewable resources has been accompanying all of my professional life. Leather is a renewable resource, too. Time and again I am fascinated by the variety in which leather can be manufactured with most different properties, by the fact how the tanning and leather industries convert the byproduct hide into a precious and at the same time functional material. And although this natural material is as old as mankind itself, there are always new things to explore and to discover."

Dr. Anke Mondschein

Head of Department Leather and Leather Processing


Tannery and leather manufacture are the oldest fields of competence at FILK. The forerunners of our institute are the first Deutsche Gerberschule and the Versuchsanstalt für Lederindustrie. We can reflect upon more than 130 years of experience with leather manufacture. Today research activities focus on the whole process of technology for leather manufacture: new technologies for liming, tanning, re-tanning and finishing. Research work comprises both fundamental approaches and optimisation concepts for technologies, formulations and auxiliaries as well as utilisation of byproducts.

Recent discourses about sustainability and ecology in an increasingly critical public brought various initiatives and activities into motion in the leather sector. For many years the industry has been paying special attention to resource-efficient and environmentally friendly technology as well as process chemicals. Also in this connection there are always new approaches for research and development activities.

Our Services

In the field of leather and leather processing we offer the following services:

  • Tests relating to leather and analytics at the leather laboratory

  • Development and manufacturing of historic restoration leathers for the conservation of art work and cultural assets

  • Analysis of tanning materials

  • Tanning experiments in our tannery pilot plant



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Dr. Anke Mondschein

Head of Department Leather and Leather Processing

Projects that might be interesting for you To Project Library

Untersuchungen zum ultraschallunterstützten Prägen von Lederwaren mit konventionellen Prägewerkzeugen und Prägewerkzeugen aus Kunststoff

BMWi IGF 21665 BR | Laufzeit: 04.2021 – 09.2023

Ulrike Straßburger, FILK Freiberg; André Hofmann, INT TU Dresden

End of project: 09/30/2023


  • Leather

Hautpulver für Medizinprodukte

BMWi INNO-KOM 49MF190108 | Laufzeit: 02.2020 – 05.2022

Michaela Schröpfer, FILK Freiberg

End of project: 05/31/2022


  • Biomaterials
  • Leather

Zerstörungsfreien Messung der Dehnungsanisotropie von Leder

BMWi INNO-KOM 49MF190159 | Laufzeit: 05.2020 – 04.2022

David Ehinger, Antoaneta Trommer, Sascha Dietrich, FILK Freiberg

End of project: 04/30/2022


  • Leather
  • Test / Analytical methods

Vergleichende Ökobilanz von Leder, Kunstleder und Trendsubstituten

DBU 35268/01 – 21 | Laufzeit: 04.2020 – 04.2022

Bernhard Trommer, FILK Freiberg

End of project: 04/14/2022


  • Leather
  • Technical Textiles / Composites

Entwicklung eines laugelöslichen Folienmaterials für die Etikettierung von Häuten

BMWi IGF 20310 BR | Laufzeit: 11.2018 – 04.2021

Anke Mondschein, FILK Freiberg

End of project: 04/30/2021


  • Leather

Einflussfaktoren auf die Dimensions- und Strukturstabilität von Leder unter wechselnden Klimabedingungen

BMWi IGF 20362 BR | Laufzeit: 10.2018 – 03.2021

Michaela Schröpfer, FILK Freiberg

End of project: 03/31/2021


  • Leather

Biobasierte Flammschutzmittel für Leder und Textilien (BioFRLeTex)

BMWi IGF CORNET 238 EBR | Laufzeit: 03.2020 – 02.2021

Ines Stachel, Anke Mondschein, Enno Klüver, Miriam Bader, FILK Freiberg; David de Smet, CENTEXBEL Zwijnaarde – Belgien

End of project: 02/28/2021


  • Biogenic Raw Materials
  • Leather
  • Technical Textiles / Composites

Multiskale Simulation der makroskopischen Struktur-Eigenschaftsbeziehungen am Beispiel des Dehnungs- und Relaxationsverhaltens von Leder

BMWi IGF 19719 BG | Laufzeit: 01.2018 – 10.2020

Sascha Dietrich, FILK Freiberg; Julia Orlik, Fraunhofer ITWM Kaiserslautern

End of project: 10/31/2020


  • Leather
  • Material Characterization

All completed projects can be found here To Project Library


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