Extraction and Processing of Collagen


We extract collagen from animal tissues and make liquid, paste-like or powder-like preparations out of it for product development. Depending on the type of further processing various product shapes can be implemented: films, threads, tubes, non-woven fabrics, coatings up to extrudates and injection mouldings.

  • The raw materials: animal tissues (hide, tendon, pericardium, blood vessels etc.) of different species (bovine, porcine, equine, marine etc.)

  • The processes: decellularisation, crushing, solubilisation/dispersion, hydrolysis, drying

  • The preparations: decellularised tissues and splits, solutions (acid-soluble collagen), dispersions (native collagen), powder (partially denatured, thermoplastically processable collagen), gelatin, collagen hydrolysates


  • The further processing: casting/extrusion, coating of textile carriers, drying (convective, freeze-drying), thermoplastic processing (injection moulding, extrusion), 3D printing, sterilisation, cross-linking

  • The product shapes: decellularised tissues, sponges, non-woven fabrics, films, tubes from native collagen; films, threads, tubes, injection mouldings from partially denatured "thermoplastic" collagen

  • Product development


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