Emissions + Odour

Head of Working Group

"For 25 years emission and odour tests have been carried out at FILK. Thanks to our long-time experience and the linking of research and testing we have a basic level of understanding concerning the materials to be investigated. We do not leave you alone with the measuring values. You have direct contact to the processors. We support you in assessing test results and in searching ways for improving them.

Research and testing, theory and practice, finding and its application, arrange life and find a way for a little improvement every day – this is what makes our work worthwhile.”

Dr. Bernd Matthes

Head of Working Group Emissions

Emissions / Odour

Manufacturers and processors of materials for interior in the field of automotive applications, object and residential interiors, furniture and many more know them - emission and odour tests. The detection of volatile organic compounds and condensable substances is carried out using standardised test methods and evaluation systems. In addition to the pure quantification of emitted substances, e.g. VOC and fog, the focus of these tests is also on the qualification of critical substances as well as pollutants.

Odour is a special form of emission. As an important quality feature, it contributes significantly to the purchase decision. Therefore, odour is of great importance, especially in the automotive and furniture industries. It is a test criterion relevant to release. Odour perceptions cannot be recorded instrumentally. Therefore, odour testing is a sensory test in which trained examiners assign grades. These marks are backed up with odour descriptions.

We test emissions and odour of leather, imitation leather, plastics, textiles and other materials, composites as well as assemblies, e.g. for car interiors, according to the specifications of the following manufacturers: Daimler, Volkswagen / AUDI, BMW, Porsche, PSA-Peugeot / Citroen, Opel, Renault, Ford, Toyota, Hyundai, Kia, Tesla.

And because emissions and odour are also among our research priorities, we can do more than measure. We work on clarifying the specific emission behaviour of materials as well as on reducing emissions from interior materials such as leather, artificial leather, plastics, textiles, foams and foils. The production processes and the life cycle of the material are often included in the considerations. We provide you with assistance in evaluating your test results and in solving material-specific problems.



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