Biology is the natural science that studies life and living organisms and their interaction with the environment. One can assume that biology is as old as the human being itself, who tried to explain physical and biochemical mechanisms of living organisms and organisms. More than ever industrial exploitation of biology is in the focus of science today. In view of biologisation of our economy and society its importance is supposed to grow over the next decades.

Head of Department

"When I started to work at FILK, biology as field of research at the institute was still in its infancy. I am proud of what we have developed as team and of how versatile the possibilities are today. My major aim is to advance the department systematically. The material and technology competence at the institute is really high and above all in terms of interdisciplinary activities and cooperation with my colleagues from the other research departments there are numerous fields of research which have not yet been dealt with. In the era of biologisation of economy, society and environment and of increasing exploitation of biological resources I see a high potential in this regard."

Dr. Ina Prade

Head of Department Biology

Established Cellular, Micro- and Macrobiological Methods

Biology is one of the "younger" natural scientific fields of research at the institute. Above all in connection with researching the raw material collagen and its application in leather manufacture, microbiological questions turned up more and more frequently which we wanted to answer. Primarily the focus above all was the determination of moulds on leather and antimicrobial finishes of material surfaces of any kind and their proof of efficacy.

This area was systematically established and expanded. What started as a cross-departmental function is organised as research department today which meanwhile represents a broad field of research. Typical cell-biological as well as micro- and molecular-biological methods and techniques are established. In connection with collagen and other microbiological raw materials this way almost unlimited possibilities arise for research and development of biological systems for pharmaceutical, diagnostic, medical equipment and medical applications.

Our Services

In the field of biology we offer the following products and services:

  • Determination of cytotoxicity

  • Investigation of antimicrobial efficacy

  • DNA quantification and nuclear staining in biomaterials of animal origin

  • Species identification (animal, mould)

Do you have questions about our services? Contact us!

Do you have questions about our services? Contact us!

Dr. Enno Klüver

Head of Department Collagen

Projects that might be interesting for you To Project Library

Entwicklung von Cellulose-Kollagen-Hybriden zur Anwendung als Implantatmaterial

BMWK INNO-KOM 49MF230023 | Laufzeit: 11.2023 – 04.2026

Enno Klüver, FILK Freiberg

End of project: 04/30/2026


  • Biomaterials
  • Collagen

AktOImplant – Entwicklung von bioaktiven Oberflächen für Implantate in der Mund-, Kiefer- und Gesichtschirurgie

BMWK IGF 22991 BR | Laufzeit: 07.2023 – 12.2025

Tina Hille, FILK Freiberg; Isabell Hamann, Fraunhofer-IWU Dresden; Lysann Kroschwald, MKG Uniklinikum Dresden

End of project: 12/31/2025


  • Biomaterials
  • Collagen

Mechanismus der Kollagen-Denaturierung auf molekularer Ebene

BMWK INNO-KOM 49VF220029 | Laufzeit: 04.2023 – 09.2025

Susanne Fritz, FILK Freiberg

End of project: 09/30/2025


  • Collagen
  • Methods/Processes

Kollagen als Binder für wasserbasierte Na-Ionen-Batterien und Superkondensatoren (KoBiNa)

BMWK IGF 22685 BR | Laufzeit: 01.2023 – 12.2024

Enno Klüver, FILK Freiberg; Daria Mikhailova, IFW Dresden

End of project: 08/31/2025


  • Biogenic Raw Materials
  • Collagen

Entwicklung mehrschichtiger Membranen mit raumhaltenden und mucoadhäsiven Eigenschaften zur Knochenaugmentation (OsteoMe)

BMWK IGF 22810 BR | Laufzeit: 02.2023 – 07.2025

Lukas Benecke, Dilbar Aibibu, ITM TU Dresden | Claudia Dietze, Enno Klüver, FILK Freiberg

End of project: 07/31/2025


  • Biomaterials
  • Collagen

Analyse tierischer Inhaltstoffe in veganen Lederalternativen

BMWK INNO-KOM 49MF220028 | Laufzeit: 09.2022 – 02.2025

Sandra Stenzel, Ines Stachel, Enno Klüver, FILK Freiberg

End of project: 02/28/2025


  • Collagen
  • Leather
  • Test/Analytical methods

Verringerung von VOC-Emissionen aus Holzwerkstoffen durch kollagenbasierte Additive

BMEL FNR 2222HV007A | Laufzeit: 11.2023 – 10.2024

Ulrike Straßburger, FILK Freiberg

End of project: 10/31/2024


  • Collagen

Phantom-Materialien für die Sonographie (PhantoMaS)

BMWK INNO-KOM 49MF210170 | Laufzeit: 02.2022 – 01.2024

Marit Baltzer, Enno Klüver, FILK Freiberg

End of project: 01/31/2024


  • Biogenic Raw Materials
  • Collagen

Immunkompatibles Lab-on-a-Chip System mit flexibler Kollagenmembran zur Erzeugung physiologischer Mikroumgebungen in Organ-on-chip Modellen – IMPROVE

BMWK IGF 21765 BR | Laufzeit: 04.2021 – 09.2023

Ina Prade, FILK Freiberg | Frank Sonntag, Fraunhofer-IWS Dresden | Alexander Mosig, Uniklinikum Jena

End of project: 09/30/2023


  • Biomaterials
  • Collagen

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