Leather and leather fibre boards

It is indisputable that leather is one of the oldest materials in human history. One could also say that it is as old as mankind itself. The natural material has always served the manufacture of protective and decorative materials for the human being. Far ahead of the plastics, leather above all was also an important technical material for transport containers, tools, packages, hides, driving and transmission belts or gears.

Natural material leather – versatile, elegant, rough

Today, leather can be produced in a variety of colours and properties. Although it disappeared from most technical applications, the look-and-feel of this renewable material and its excellent properties such as strength, softness, flexibility, absorption of vapour capability and water vapour permeability as well as its particular longevity are still unique and make it an attractive material for the automotive, furniture, clothing, fashion and shoe industries.
Leather fibre boards are materials made of shaving scales. Shaving scales develop during thickness processing of leather, the so-called shaving. These scales are processed with binders to become a surface material often used as separation, filling and reinforcement material in shoes, bags and accessories.
Even if the main features of leather manufacture have hardly changed over thousands of years, it is a highly technological process today which is tailored to new technical, ecological or social requirements again and again. The same applies for the material properties. Our institute is one of the oldest centres for leather research and leather technology and leather is still a core competence today, which you can rely on.

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