Competence network NanoCarbon

Competence network NanoCarbon

The network NanoCarbon is an open international network for the development of nanocarbons for marketable applications. The competence network was founded in 2013 by the nanotechnology cluster and promoted for three years in the framework of the central innovation programme for medium-sized enterprises (Zentrales Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand (ZIM)). Since 2016 the network has been independently continued by the nanotechnology cluster and the network partners. More than 20 companies and research institutions from Germany, Europe and overseas work closely together, in order to develop innovative products and applications in a sustainable and resource-saving way.

Functionalisation with nanocarbons

Since 2017 FILK has been a member of this network and thus has increased its activities in the field of processing nanocarbons in polymer layer systems for laminar functionalisation of coated textiles and composites. Depending on the adjustment of nanocarbon-filled layers such conductive materials may for instance be used as heating or sensor textiles. The high expertise in the field of processing nanocarbons which was acquired by scientists at the institute over the last years shall serve the development of new fields of application for such materials.

Open exchange of information and experience

The different nanocarbons have a cross-industrial technical potential. For this reason the network combines numerous partners with exceptional competencies in their respective areas of expertise. The networked projects focus on an open exchange of information and experience between the partners as well as on common research and development projects.

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