Zuse cluster bioeconomy

Bioeconomy offers potential

Great potential is attached to bioeconomy in solving central social and economical issues for the future. The institutes of the Zuse community comprise comprehensive expertise and competence with regard to a broad spectrum of bioeconomy areas of research. The bioeconomy cluster of the Zuse community was founded, in order to increasingly link this expertise and competence.

15 institutes of the Zuse community

And last but not least competent answers and solutions can be given with regard to these questions of application-oriented transfer in the bioeconomy cluster of the Zuse community. More than 15 of the total of 75 research institutes connected in the Zuse community, among others also our institute, are currently part of the bioeconomy cluster.

Future research field bioeconomy

Focussing on a sustainable bioeconomy is a megatrend which will be present in different industries and, so the expectation, be implemented increasingly. However, this megatrend is no self-seller. It is rather that the development towards a sustainable bioeconomy should be advanced in a target-oriented way. For this purpose the institutes of the Zuse community offer significant contributions in research and development, in particular for the transfer of scientific insights in concrete technologies, products and services. In the bioeconomy cluster the institutes of the Zuse community combine their knowledge of biology with their ideas for biobased technologies and products. This way valuable synergies and a strong community for this future research field are created.

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