Friction / Abrasion / Wear

The friction and wear behaviour of covering materials such as leathers, imitation leathers and textiles are important quality attributes. Durable materials with resistant surfaces, for instance depending on the friction and wear behaviour, are appreciated above all for the interior of motor vehicles and for furniture. The same applies for elastomer seals. Clarifying such friction and wear processes against different load scenarios is the basis for the development of durable materials.

The precondition is a realistic illustration of load scenarios which enables a realistic assessment of material properties. For this purpose, the department clarifies connections between the wear and ageing behaviours of materials from which possibilities for receiving optimised material surfaces are developed. In this regard special attention is also paid to the stick-slip-behaviour also known as squeaking which boosters wear and causes noise. A measurement method was developed for this type of surface phenomenon which enables the prediction of risks.

The knowledge and understanding of how materials react in case of friction, in particular the stick-slip behaviour of typical interior materials such as leather, imitation leather, textiles, thermoplastics and elastomers is continuously deepened. In this connection the corresponding measurement and assessment methods are continually improved and advanced.


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