Characterisation of materials

Evaluate with certainty

The analysis and evaluation of materials and substances first describes their properties in detail. Based on the results, an evaluation then follows and ensures their performance and quality. Material characterization provides the certainty that a material has the necessary mechanical-technological and chemical properties for the respective application. Material characterization is particularly important in the development of materials. But material characterization also plays an important role in damage and material failure analyses.

Qualified and reliable

Our test laboratory offers you a wealth of experience in the selection of measuring and testing procedures, performance and functional analyses and release and quality tests for the entire range of polymer materials: leather, artificial leather, coated textiles, composites and collagen-based materials. One of our strengths lies in the development of testing and analysis procedures when there are no standardized test routines for your requirements. We advise, guide and accompany you through the entire process and deliver qualified and reliable results.

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Dr. Sascha Dietrich

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