Using biological resources for the manufacture of biopolymers

A core expertise of the department is the identification of products with an invisible marking system on the basis of DNA. Thus, we already managed to develop a marking system for traceability of leathers and PVC, in order to mark for instance the manufacturer or the brand of the product manufactured thereof.

Furthermore, the animal-free manufacture of biogenous polymers such as collagen in the living system is of interest. Thus, for instance biosynthesis of the extracellular matrix through connective tissue cells can be used to manufacture human collagen in vitro. Vegan collagen can also be isolated in the laboratory. For this purpose, bacteria are cultivated under suitable conditions, as the case may be in a bioreactor system and purified afterwards. Within the scope of its activities the department deals with issues around the following topics:

  • Biotechnological gaining of products or raw materials from microorganisms

  • Application of suitable cell culture technologies for the manufacture of biogenous raw materials

  • Development of suitable cultivation and purification concepts


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