Technical Infrastructure Surface Technology

Several technological plants are available for our partners and customers, for instance for various plasma processes, fluorination and flaming to be used for the targeted modification or functionalisation of material surfaces. Thus, barrier coating and wear-protection coating in nanometre scale can be generated, adhesion can be improved by incorporation of functional groups, as well as the hydrophobic and hydrophilic behaviour of surfaces. These processes are typically applied for medical products, food packaging, flexible light-emitting diodes and solar cells as well as for producing leather, films, imitation leather and coated textiles.


For the equipment or modification of surfaces there are various, to some extent pilot plants available for discontinuous/continuous mode of operation.

Surface modification techniques

  • Fluorination plants

    • Batch fluorination in a batch reactor

    • Sheeting fluorination in a pass through reactor

    • Internal fluorination for instance of tubes, bags

  • Atmospheric pressure plasma plants

    • Plasma tip with precursor feeding

    • Dielectric barrier discharge with precursor feeding

    • Cold plasma plant with aerosol coating

    • Panel treater

  • Low-pressure plasma plant

    • Plasma polymerization plant (CVD)

  • Flame treatment plant

  • Plasma parylene coating plant

  • Varnishing machine

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