Polymer dispersions

Polymer dispersions are dispersed polymer colloids in a continuous phase (a frequently used synonym is "Latex"). On the one hand polymer dispersions are placed on the market as ready-to-use products, for instance for wall and floor coating, as varnishes or glues. On the other hand they are intermediate products for the manufacture of some types of plastics. Furthermore, they are processed into numerous goods such as coated textiles, technical textiles and carpets. They are used for leather finishings or for the production of battery separators.

Important parameters of a dispersion are solids content, viscosity and particle size distribution which are influenced by further parts of dispersion (for instance dispersing and rheological additives, stabilisers, filling agents, cross-linking agents).

The research department deals with the interaction of composition and properties of dispersions as well as with film formation and final material properties. For this purpose among other things the effect of replacing established petrochemical substances by bio-based substances produced sustainably is analysed. Other projects deal with the integration of biological compounds or new, flame-retardant components into existing formulations.

For investigating the dispersion properties we use established and new measuring methods such as

  • Combination of centrifugation and transmission: particle sizes/distribution and storage stability,

  • Rheology: shear- and temperature-dependent viscosity,

  • DSC: volatility or decomposition of individual components.


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