3D Printing and Bioprinting

The technology of 3D printing and bioprinting respectively offers a high potential for regenerative medicine. Implementation of the complexity of human tissues and organs is an important challenge for the generation of functional tissues. Thanks to the layer-structure of the constructs and the possibility of simultaneous depositing of several materials and different cell types key advantages over the conventional colonisation of scaffolding structures can be used here. In addition, reproducibility, scalability and automation can most likely be achieved. Therefore, the additive production of tissue engineering constructs is a key subject of the department. In this connection the following materials and subjects are researched:

  • Generation of three-dimensional scaffolding structures based on collagen in sizes relevant for the human being

  • Development of cell inks with improved properties (reduced sedimentation, increased mechanical stability)

  • Comparative investigations for different inks of biogenous origin

  • Generation of a functional replacement for soft tissue


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