Membership in the SIG

Research for Saxon medium-sized enterprises

Sächsische Industrieforschungsgemeinschaft e.V. (SIG) with its far-reaching research spectrum in Saxony strengthens the transfer-oriented, market-preparatory research in favour of Saxon medium-sized enterprises. On the one hand the focus in terms of content is on the Saxon future industries such as materials, technology and process development, and on the other hand the focus is on important social challenges of the future such as resources efficiency, human health and sustainability.

Strengthen the innovative power in Saxony

The SIG members, among others our institute, largely contribute to the increase of the innovative ability in the Saxon business sector. More than 1,070 employees and an overall turnover of 93 million Euro (2018) under the roof of SIG show how important innovations are for necessary growth processes of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Link between economy and science

As established link between economy and science, non-profit, external industrial research institutions account for a considerable portion in the excellent reputation of Saxony in the field of research and development. Together we work on the protection and expansion of qualified jobs in research and industry in Saxony.

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Prof. Dr. Haiko Schulz

Director of Institute | General Manager


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