Freiberg Hide Powder

Freiberg hide powder for the gravimetric analysis of vegetable tanning agents and extracts is manufactures in Freiberg since 1905. In the past, hundreds of proposals for the tannin analysis were made and rejected. Up to our days, only two methods were successful in the world. While the shaking method is widely used in the anglo-american sphere, the filter-bell method is preferred in Europe. Both methods require a standard absorbent of constant quality. The Freiberg hide powder is low-chromed and is used for the analysis of vegetable tanning materials. In tablet form it can also be used for a quick test to prove the efficiency of leather auxiliaries (tanning agents, dyestuffs, greases, etc.).


  • pH 5.0 – 7.0 

  • Ash contents < 1.2 % 

  • Cr2O3 content < 0.8 % 

  • Blind value (PROCTER) < 10.0 mg 

  • Durability 3 years, storage at 15 – 18 °C and a relative air humidity ranging from 55 to 70 %

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