Textiles and yarns

A textile is a laminar, two- or three-dimensional, flexible material mainly consisting of one or more yarns and is produced using a textile technique. Yarns used for the manufacture of textiles consist of individual fibres of different origins for instance vegetable, synthetic or mineral origins. In addition to clothing, textiles can be found today in almost all industrial applications.

Textile allrounders

There is no doubt that the manufacture of textiles is one of the oldest and most important trades. The oldest textile finds so far originate from a time about 15,000 years BC and developed in France. With industrialisation the manufacture of textiles reached high quality and diversity. Today, we can find textiles in numerous technical applications which is why they are also called technical textiles. Depending on the structure and material they are used in the field of architecture, construction, lightweight construction, for mobility applications or in the field of mechanical engineering. They became allrounders.

However, only in rare cases these are homogeneous textiles. For their use in industrial applications they have to be functionalized, coated or embedded into a matrix. Often, technical textiles are multi-layer material composites. In this connection, the textile as layer base considerably influences the material properties of the composite material. In this regard, sound knowledge of textile materials and raw materials is inevitable even if we do not attend to the manufacture of textile fabrics.

We always consider textiles and textile raw materials from the perspective of the coatings and the properties of the composite that are to be generated. The selection of suitable textile substrates for the generation of coated textiles requires profound material knowledge which we have readily available. Whatever the raw material basis, we are able to combine textile and coating.

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