Testing + Certification

With safety reliable results – Testing competence on the highest level

Our accredited test lab offers you more than 1,000 standardised testing methods, more than 130 of them are certified according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025. These in turn can be found in numerous specifications of most different industries. In addition, there are numerous special testing methods, failure and defect analyses as well as tests according to legal requirements.

Therefore, test competency already starts with selection of the right methods for the respective material and the parameters required. Our employees will be glad to help you with their competence. Meanwhile, our quality management ensures thorough processing of your orders in due time. You can rely on our test results which in case of doubt will withstand court trials.


FILK Laboratory

More than measuring values – unique material expertise

As one of the oldest industrial research institutions our institute looks back on over 130 years of expertise in testing and characterizing of materials. What once started with leather, today comprises the complete range of polymer laminar materials on a synthetic or biogenic raw material base. Combined with our scientific-technological expertise we can offer you huge background knowledge. This background knowledge for instance accompanies the development of new products or technologies and supports the reliable assessment and interpretation of test results. But above all, if the measuring values will not meet your expectations, we are at your side with our material expertise, be it leather, collagen materials, leather fibre boards, coated textiles (e. g. imitation leather), textiles, films or plastics; as individual material, polymer laminar structure or component parts. We know what we talk about.

We can offer you a personal approach – direct communication with your contact

Personal consultancy, quick and reliable answers to your questions and a confidential handling of your concerns are important for us. For this reason, we attach great importance to the fact that you will soon find the right contact who will accompany you through the test process in a reliable way.


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