AiF research alliance medical engineering (FAM)

Using the synergies for medical engineering

The industrial community research of AiF is engaged in most different fields of technology, industry and application, many of them with reference to the medical engineering industry. So for instance research is made with regard to topics such as biosensors, bioactuators, bioinformatics, diagnostics, digital health, material development for medical therapy and tissue engineering. The foundation of the alliance shall promote the efficient exploitation of IGF subsidies for medical engineering and the healthcare industry by using the synergies between the FAM provider associations.

Offers for innovative medium-sized enterprises

With the help of the FAM an even higher number of and more versatile, innovation-relevant research projects come into view for the medical engineering industry with regard to which the companies are invited to play a part and to benefit from direct technology transfer.

Biogenous raw material collagen

FILK in particular introduces its competence in the field of collagen research into the network. New materials made of collagen and their processes of manufacture are researched and developed. Collagen can be processed to become films, threads, tubes or 3D-moulds for producing antihemorrhagics, implants, drug delivery systems and scaffolds. The work is accompanied by specific analytical methods.

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