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Head of Accredited Test Laboratory

"As a service provider for materials testing, we see the particular added value for our customers in the integration into the research environment of the institute. On the basis of our extensive knowledge from materials research, we can recognize material-specific relationships and understand characteristic structure-property relationships. Interdisciplinary expertise, many years of experience and the latest scientific findings go into the advice and processing of test orders from our customers from home and abroad."

Dr. Sascha Dietrich

Head of Accredited Test Laboratory

Testing means Assessing – Assessing means Understanding

Our accredited test lab (DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025) offers an extensive range of physical-mechanical test methods for material characterization, chemical and thermo-chemical analytical processes for hazardous substances analyses as well as investigation methods to determine the emission properties. In addition to the standard tests we also perform numerous special testing methods for failure and defect analysis. Be it leather, collagen materials, leather fibre boards, coated textiles (e. g. imitation leather), textiles, films or plastics; as individual material, polymer laminar structure or component part – for the investigation of your materials you can rely on a competent and timely processing. As certified material testing service provider we are available as reliable and flexible partner both for national and international customers in the automotive, living, safety clothing, food and medical products industries. Benefit from our individual consultancy. Our high degree of interdisciplinary experience and expertise for you means that you will always get a profound answer to your specific question.


Annegret Sandner

Coordinator of Accredited Test Laboratory

Certificate and Annexes of Accreditation

Accreditation Certificate 2023

for physical, physico-chemical and mechanical-technological tests on leather, plastics, textiles, coated textiles, collagen and pericardium; tests on personal protective equipment

for physico-chemical and chemical investigations of leather, textiles, collagen and plastics

for burning behaviour and flammability

for physical, physico-chemical and chemical tests of consumer articles

for burning behaviour and flammability as well as media resistance of systems, components and independent technical units for motor vehicles and motor vehicle trailers


The test lab of FILK Freiberg Institute gGmbH is flexibly accredited in various testing areas. This means that different editions of standardised test methods or test methods equivalent to them may be used without the separate approval of the DAkkS GmbH, even if these are not specified in the annex to the certificate of accreditation. The relevant test methods as well as the applicable editions can be viewed in the current list of accredited test methods.

For further information on the released standards and test methods within the scope of accreditation, please use the following e-mail address:

The tests are always carried out according to the latest editions of the test methods. Tests according to previous editions are carried out only after previous agreement with the test laboratory.

Other Certifications


VDA 278

  • Thermal Desorption Analysis of Organic Emissions for the Characterization of Non-Metallic Materials for Automobiles


VDA 270

  • Determination of the odour characteristics of trim materials in motor vehicles


0031 - Certificate

from 01.04.2021 until 31.03.2024

  • PV 1303 - Non-metallic materials; exposure test for components of the vehicle interior

  • PV 1306 - Non-metallic materials; Exposure test for determination of tackiness on PP plastics

  • PV 3905 - Organic materials; ball drop test

  • PV 3906 - Non-metallic sheet materials; abrasion test

  • PV 3908 - Textiles, carpets; abrasion resistance test

  • PV 3909 - Non-metallic fabrics; measurement of static and permanent elongation

  • PV 3919 according to TL 52608 - Fine fibre fleece, multilayer; material requirements

  • PV 3922 - Textile fabrics and mouldings; oil and water repellent behaviour

  • PV 3952 - Plastic components; Determination of scratch resistance of spray-finished surfaces in vehicle interiors and exteriors

  • PV 3964 - surfaces in vehicle interiors; testing of cream resistance

  • PV 3966 - PP components; white fracture behaviour (ball drop test)

  • PV 3974 - plastic components; determination of the writing resistance of spray-finished surfaces in the vehicle interior and exterior

  • PV 1200 - vehicle parts; test of climate change resistance (+80/-40) °C

  • PV 2005 - vehicle parts; test of the climate change resistance 

  • PV 3959 - Hydrolysis test on components with foam laminated decor in the vehicle interior

  • PV 3955 - Upholstery cover material; determination of the seam sliding resistance of upholstery cover material - fabric

0110 - Certificate

from 01.04.2022 until 31.03.2024

  • TL 1010 - Interior finishing materials Burning behaviour, material requirements

  • PV 2034 - Non-metallic sheet materials

0117 - Certificate

from 15.11.2022 until 14.11.2025

  • PV 3968 - Leather; soiling behaviour

  • PV 3989 - Plastics for exterior components; ball-drop test

0070 - Certificate

from 01.06.2021 until 31.05.2024

  • PV 3937 - Amine emission from flexible PUR foam; indicator method


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