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Head of Accredited Test Laboratory

"As integral part of the renowned research institution FILK, we at the testing laboratory see ourselves as material testing service provider with additional benefit. This requirement can be assessed on the basis of identifying material-specific connections and understanding characteristic structure-property-relations. Interdisciplinary expertise, long-time experience and the latest scientific knowledge find their way into the skilled processing of national and international customer orders."

Dr. Sascha Dietrich

Head of Accredited Test Laboratory

Testing means Assessing – Assessing means Understanding

Our accredited test lab (DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025) offers an extensive range of physical-mechanical test methods for material characterization, chemical and thermo-chemical analytical processes for hazardous substances analyses as well as investigation methods to determine the emission properties. In addition to the standard tests we also perform numerous special testing methods for failure and defect analysis. Be it leather, collagen materials, leather fibre boards, coated textiles (e. g. imitation leather), textiles, films or plastics; as individual material, polymer laminar structure or component part – for the investigation of your materials you can rely on a competent and timely processing. As certified material testing service provider we are available as reliable and flexible partner both for national and international customers in the automotive, living, safety clothing, food and medical products industries. Benefit from our individual consultancy. Our high degree of interdisciplinary experience and expertise for you means that you will always get a profound answer to your specific question.


Ramona Giersberg

Coordinator of Accredited Test Laboratory


FILK - Forschungsinstitut für Leder und Kunststoffbahnen
Meißner Ring 1-5
09599 Freiberg


Fon: +49-(0)3731-366-0
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