Catalogue for Assessment of leather and coated textiles in automotive interior

Catalogue - Assessment of Leather and Coated Textiles in Automotive Interior

Leather and coated textiles are subject to a wide range and partly not predictable strain over their life cycle. This includes exposure to mechanical as well as chemical strain leading to material failure. Until today no sufficient information was available for an appropriate handling of complaints and claims deriving from such defects and material failures, especially in direct contact with customers.

The assessment catalogue is supposed to give assistance to users such as employees of garages, service managers, service consultants, persons responsible for complaints, experts or sales consultants in order to to differentiate and assess competently cases of damage and complaints according to latest standards and knowledge.

The catalogue is subjected to the strict principle of impartiality thus considering all possible approaches of any involved stakeholder, as car manufacturers, consumers, system suppliers, material suppliers, expert consultants and testing bodies, to an equal degree in case of complaints.

Next to the systematic categorisation of typical damages and defects on leather and coated textiles for upholstery the catalogue also offers supplemental information, recommendations for further action and useful material knowledge. In addition to the image-supported description of common damages and defects the catalogue provides predications about possible causes and gives recommendations for further proceeding, instructions for repairing and advice for avoiding material damages.

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