Membership in the ZUSE community

ZUSE community - Research partner for medium-sized enterprises

The Zuse community represents the interests of non-profit research facilities organised as private enterprises. The association independent in terms of technologies and industries nationwide consists of more than 75 members. The institutes are characterised by practice-oriented research for medium-sized companies. Our institute is also a member of the Zuse community and advocates its aims.

Flexible and practice-oriented

The institutes are innovative and efficient, they have highly qualified scientist who are as flexible, practice-oriented and competent as German medium-sized enterprises. As link between economy and science the member facilities of the Zuse community are legally and economically independent, however they are in close exchange, in order to identify the research and innovation needs of the medium-sized industrial sectors and to jointly define project ideas.

Third branch of research

The initiative to found the industrial research community in January 2015 was made up by the institutes themselves. It was the first time that they had a common voice and representation. This alliance provided a third branch in the German research landscape besides the universities and the large research associations. In addition to promoting the scientific collaboration of the individual members one core task of the Zuse community is to represent common concerns of the institutes towards the federal government, the federal states, the economy, other scientific organisations and the public.

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