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Head of Working Group

"The complexity of all the materials surrounding us is pure fascination. Understanding the interplay of the chemical structure of the various materials, their processing and the resulting physical properties provides impulses for new paths in material development. This increases the challenges for modern chemical analysis to identify and quantify the main and secondary components. The curiosity about your materials combined with our passion for analysis makes every day exciting."

Dr. Ute Morgenstern

Head of Working Group Chemical Analysis | OEKO-TEX®

Chemical-Analytical Testing

Safe products and materials that are tested for harmful substances and thus meet the legal requirements are a must for all manufacturers, consumers and importers.
For many years, our chemical analysis department has been testing leather, collagen, coated textiles, textiles, plastics, composites and products for their content and harmful substances, compliance with defined specifications such as RAL, CADS, tests according to OEKO-TEX® standards and their composition. Material identification using spectroscopic, thermoanalytical methods and classic chemical separations are part of our everyday work. We use modern instrumented analytical procedures and classic chemical analysis methods for this purpose.

In addition to the application of the standardised procedures, we are always ready to take up the challenge of establishing new analytical procedures.

We would be pleased to advise you on questions concerning the chemistry of your materials and the interpretation of the test results obtained. In doing so, we draw on our many years of experience with materials combined with an understanding of the technological processes. Our test results give you confidence in reliable products and materials.


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