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You have an idea for an innovative material or a new technology and need help with its implementation? You are looking for new fields of application for your materials and technologies? Or you are in charge of selecting new materials and lack functional proofs for this new material? We have enormous scientific background knowledge in our fields of competence, which we are happy to share with you, because Sharing is Caring. We support you in managing your operational tasks and help you achieve your professional goals. 



We always start with a scientific and technical review of the current situation and a feasibility study. Current knowledge is consolidated for your specific problem approach. From this, the project development is derived, which takes up your goals. Our experienced project management accompanies you on this path. Our experts then work on your project expertly and readjust if necessary. In the end, even we are not satisfied with the result until you are.


Prof. Michael Meyer

Scientific Director | Managing Director

Prof. Dr. Haiko Schulz

Director of Institute | General Manager

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