Antimicrobial equipment

The equipment of products with antimicrobial properties serves both the reduction of material defects and the compliance with hygiene practices as well as the protection of health. More than ever in the present time containment of the spreading of pathogenic organisms gained huge importance. For several years already the microbiological laboratory of the department deals with concepts for the conservation of materials and for blocking microbial colonisation of surfaces. For this purpose bacteria, moulds, and recently viruses are used. In connection with the investigations the following topics are focussed on:

  • Characterisation of the microbial growth on most different materials (for instance leather, coated textiles, textiles, plastics)

  • Bioburden determination, proof of antimicrobial efficacy

  • Research in the field of alternative preserving agents with low ecotoxic and human toxic potential

  • Development of new conservation strategies

  • Identification of insufficient effectiveness of surfaces/materials with antimicrobial finish


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