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Prof. Dr. Haiko Schulz

Director of Institute | General Manager

Prof. Michael Meyer

Scientific Director | Managing Director

"We are a global leader in the development, functionalization and testing of flexible multilayer polymer materials. Our thematic spectrum ranges from synthetic membranes for batteries, fuel cells and firefighting clothing to artificial leather and leather for vehicle interiors, furniture and shoes. Biomaterials based on collagen for medical implants and as carriers in cell culture are also part of our topic portfolio.

We study polymer materials with large external and internal surfaces, their production and processing, physical, chemical and biological properties and interaction with the animate and inanimate environment. We can determine and modify physical and chemical stability, cytotoxicity, antimicrobial properties, biodegradability, and also sensory properties such as odor and feel of the materials. We conduct materials science and technology development. Our self-image includes aspects of sustainability as part of the bioeconomy, we map material properties in the digital twin and use the automation of processes to capture data as the raw material of the future.

Seeing ideas grow and implementing them in industry is our motivation. At the highest level, we conduct research, development, technological services and material testing with our employees in our pilot plants and laboratories for the coating industry, the leather industry, the automotive industry and for food and biomaterial manufacturers. We offer more than routine."


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