Mission Statement

We are

  • Independent

We continually and independently develope our institute and thus are not subject to external influence and expectations. We always act objectively. Our appearance and our publications are strictly impartial.

  • Benefitting to the Public

We predominantly act selfless. Results of our economical activities serve exclusively to ensure our engagement for the community.

  • INDUSTRy-oriented

We maintain a close exchange of ideas with producing enterprises and industry associations. Our research activities and training and education offers comply with the demand of mainly small and medium sized enterprises for developement and knowledge. 

  • Extramural

We keep close contact with research institutions of any kind. Our collaboration with universities, academies and  other large research centres bears a cooperative characteristic and is project-based.

Our Objectives

  • Scientifically

Results of our activities shall contribute to achieve selected objectives of economy and society. We are driving force and partner of the mid-sized sector. With this we ar comitted to the principles of good scientific practice.

  • Societally

As member of the Deutsche Industrieforschungsgemeinschaft "Konrad Zuse" e. V. we are inherent part of Germany´s research community. We are oriented towards the objectives of national and European research and economic policies. Our strategic positioning in selected fields of research are determined independently and self-contained. We stand for a society based on knowledge and commited to humanism.

  • SOcIALly

Creativity and motivation of our personell we consider as our most valuable asset. By provision of attractive work place, a trusting environment as well as comprehensive offers for professional training and education we seek for high employee satisfaction and committment. We safeguard and support actively the health of our personell. We realise the principles of equal opportunities for women and men and compatibility of family and work life.

  • Sustainable

Our daily action and research activities focus on contributing to the implentation and preservation of a balalenced ecological, social and economic system. We are engaged in a careful use of natural resources and a responsible and conscientious energy policy.  In sharing our knowledge and research results freely with the whole of society we support governmental and civil society initiatives promoting sustainability. Our business policy is founded on the principle of social  and ecological responsibility and economically successful action. We shall leave an intact world for our children and following generations.

Our Path


On a complex path of innovative processes our institute takes role of an partner to the industry in the analysis of problems, in developing ideas and in research and development. We support the medium-sized sector in the transition of innovations into applications. For achieving our corporate objectives we utilise innovative ways and means.

  • Based On Partnership

We are convinced that acting in partnership is the most reasonable way for achieving excellent results. By co-operating with research partners and service providers we cluster competences in the interest of our customers and clients. We are actively engaged in industry associations and research networks and therewith offer a plattform for a prolific exchange of ideas. Honesty, trust and fairness in market participation have a high significance in our daily action.

  • Responsibly

As employer we take responsibility for a trustful relation to our personell. As business partner we act responsible with regard to our customers and clients. We comply strictly with concluded agreements, safeguard information carefully and responsible and enhance confidentiality at all times.

  • Economically

The maintenance and continuous strenghtening of the institute´s economic independency is a principle of our economic activities. A reasonable and careful deployment of available resources is a prerequisite for economic responsibility thus striving for adequate revenues. Sustainable action ultimately promotes economic success.


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