Physical Testing

Head of Working Group

"What would our everyday life be like without material testing? Uncertain and unpredictable. The nature, durability and efficiency of your material are essential for its usability. Benefit from our far-reaching spectrum of physical testing and our high expertise with regard to the determination of essential parameters as well as the assessment of materials. We give advice on critical questions and develop testing strategies together with you tailored to suit the market need. Our testing provides you with assurance and confidence."


Dr. David Ehinger

Head of Working Group Physical Testing

Physical Testing

The area of physical testing comprises a broad range of nationally and internationally standardised methods for flexible materials, polymer materials, composites and component parts from various fields of application and industries. In this connection we draw on proven and modern laboratory equipment.

The physical-mechanical tests range from the determination of basic material parameters, strength and extension properties, to buckling and abrasive wear stresses, and special investigations (e. g. stick-slip-behaviour).

In addition, we offer you a wide range of fastness and ageing tests for the quantification and assessment of material resistance and the material's application behaviour. Using a variety of equipment technology we can carry out for you heat/cold ageing and most different accelerated ageing scenarios under constant or changing climatic conditions in materials and component parts.

In a further test field we attend to the determination of inflammability, flammability and burning behaviour of materials with focus on interior applications in the automotive and public transport fields.


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