On June 11, 2015, the open-air site of AiF Projekt GmbH once again hosted more than 300 innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, research institutions and cooperation networks from all over Germany. They presented products, processes or services in Berlin-Pankow - as part of the 22nd Innovation Day for SMEs of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) - whose development was made possible with the support of the federal government.

Bright sunshine once again provided an ideal setting for presenting both the wealth of ideas of SMEs and the benefits of the federal government's SME-oriented innovation support. Participants were able to establish contacts with companies and research institutions in an informal atmosphere, obtain first-hand information about the current opportunities for technology funding and talk to representatives from politics and government.

FILK respectively its research association "Leather and Plastic Sheeting" was represented with one topic each from the programs "INNO-KOM" and "IGF" of the BMWi. Entitled "Extraction and preparation of maritime collagen for applications in the food industry", results from an INNO-KOM project were shown. The aim was to obtain collagen from salmon skins, which are produced in large quantities in the fish products industry, and to process it into packaging films.

In an IGF project entitled "Adhesive-free low-temperature joining of plastic films with metal surfaces", a technology was developed that enables plastic films with different metallic surfaces to be bonded without adhesive layers and at high temperatures. In this context, surface activation with atmospheric plasma was shown to be effective.

In 22 years, Innovation Day has developed into an attractive meeting place for medium-sized companies. The event "in the green", which started in 1994 with 20 exhibitors, had more than 1,700 visitors this year, including 25 members of the German Parliament (MdB) and numerous representatives from federal and state ministries. A wide-ranging program of events with lectures, guided tours, a job fair and a "partnering event" of the international networks IraSME and CORNET rounded off the program.


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