Leather Technician (VA) - New course starts in April 2021

Already during the established training course for industrial foremen specializing in chemistry at SBG in Dresden, participants are taught their first references to tanning and leather technology in the form of job-specific work situations. In addition to the technical fundamentals, the master craftsman training also provides a basic cross-disciplinary qualification (business management, work organization and planning, human resources, etc.) as well as the vocational and work pedagogical qualification to enable the skilled workers to train.

The further vocational training for the tanning and leather industry in the form of an IHK-approved additional qualification "Polymer Materials - Tanning and Leather Technology" follows on from the master craftsman training in terms of time and content.

Both qualifications together are recognized by the German Leather Industry Association (VDL) as a leather technician.

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The next course to qualify as an association-recognized leather technician will start on April 13, 2021 at the VDL e. V.'s education partner, the Sächsische Bildungsgesellschaft (SBG) in Dresden, and is now open for registration.

The training course consists of

Together with the IHK-approved master craftsman qualification, the additional qualification "Polymeric Materials - Tanning and Leather Technology" offers industry employees an opportunity for focused further training and specialization. The main topics are material and raw material science, technology, machine science, ecology, quality assurance and processing.

The Forschungsinstitut für Leder und Kunststoffbahnen (FILK) and representatives from the tanning and leather industries support the training with teaching staff.

Core elements are

  •  a theoretical part on "Leather Technology" at the SBG in Dresden with the cooperation of the FILK and representatives of the leather industry and

  •  a practice-oriented technical work, which is carried out at the FILK.


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