3rd Freiberg Collagen Symposium, 2004

Day 1

Meyer, W.; Tierärztliche Hochschule Hannover

Histologic  analogies  of pig skin, bovine hide and human skin

Engel, J.; Universität Basel
Stabilisation of the collagen triple-helix and collagen fibrils by water: pros and contras
Gutsmann, T.; Forschungszentrum Borstel
Atomic force microscopic investigations into the structure and function of collagen fibrils
Siggel, L., BASF
Computer modeling of the collagen structure


Session I - Leather 

Trommer, A.; FILK Freiberg
Leather behaviour under changing climate conditions
Guterres, M; Brasilien
Mass balances during beamhouse work and tanning
Kleban, M.; Bayer AG Leverkusen
Tanning with iron ions: New investigations of an old system
Baumgarten, S., Buer, T., RWTH Aachen, Scholtz, W., BLC Northampton
Experience with membrane technologies in different stages of leather manufacture
W. G. Scholz, BLC; P. Rougé, AGBAR; A. Bódalo Uni Murcia
Desalination of mixed tannery effluent with membrane bioreactor and reverse osmosis treatment
Adzet, J.M.; AIICA Igualada
De-Tanning of chrome tanned collagen
Keshavarz, T.; Uni Westminster
Use of Enzymes for environmentally friendly processes
Evans, C., Covington, T., Klenzyme Ltd.; Westminster
New enzymes for the use in the beamhouse


 Session II - Collagen 

Notbohm, H.; MU Lübeck
Regulation of collagen fibril formation
Hellio-Serughetti, D., Thuaud-Joly C., Djabourov M.; ESPCI Paris
The elasticity of gelatin gels in relation with the microstructure. Comparison between fish and mammalian sources
Paul, G.; Devro Scotland
New and unusual crosslinking reactions of collagen in food and medical industry
Mokrejs, P., Langmaier, F.; Uni Zlin
Thermal properties of enzyme hydrolysates of chromed leather waste
Kuberka, M., Heschel, I., Rau, G., Glasmacher, B.; RWTH Aachen
3-Dimensional Collagen Structures as Matrices for Tissue Engineering
Ahlers, M.; DGF Stoess AG, Eberbach; R. Stoop, NMI Reutlingen
Gelatine as Biomatrix for Tissue Engineering
Weberskirch, R.; TU München
Recombinant protein based materials
Pihlajaniemi, T., Biocenter Oulu
Recombinant collagen for the use as biomaterial


Day 2

Mertig, M., Naumburger D., Pompe, W.; Sparing, M.; TU Dresden
Assemblation of collagen with model tanning agent systems
Branscheid, W.; BFEL; Dr. Schröer, VDL
The market of bovine raw hides – quantitative and qualitative aspects
Althoff, A.; Thor Chemie Italy
Preservation of Hides, Wetblues and Leather


Session I - Leather

Trommer, B., FILK Freiberg
Measuring system of the quality of raw hides for leather manufacture
Zedler, L., Stanke, G., GFaI Berlin, Trommer, A., FILK Freiberg

Defect detection of semifinished products (wetblue)and finished leathers by digital image pro-cessing

Schulz, H.; FILK Freiberg

FILK-method to evaluate corrected grain of finished leather

Anders, F., Hopf, W. , Fachhochschule Zwickau; Trommer, B.; FILK Freiberg
Could oxidative dehairing be a current technology?


Session II - Collagen

Müller, D.; BIOTEC Dresden
Nanomanipulation of Collagen Molecules using an Atomic Force Microscope
Badziong, W., Gelita AG Eberbach
Interactions of gelatine with other water soluble, gel forming biopolymers
Ciardelli, G.; Uni Pisa
Microfabrication of gelatin based natural polymer blends for tissue engineering
Meyer, M.; FILK Freiberg
Thermoplastic Collagen as a raw material for biomaterials


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