FILK appointed for Level II assessment according to D45 1333 for test labs of Group PSA suppliers

FILK rated Level I test lab authorized to assess PSA suppliers external test labs

For performing flammability tests according to PSA methods an external test lab needs to be classified Level II. As Level I classified test laboratory we are now authorized to assess external test labs of Group PSA suppliers to perform D45 1333 (Index K) “Interior Cabin Materials Horizontal Flammability” tests for study and production control, thus certifying that the test lab conforms with the relevant requirements of the test method of Group PSA. Tests for FTM/certification release are only reserved for Level I classified test laboratories such as FILK.

The evaluation process is divided into three steps. First, inter-laboratory flammability tests are performed and evaluated with regard to results, deviations and possible causes. This is followed by an on-site audit by a FILK expert. Facilities, equipment and operations are documented and evaluated. Last step is a final discussion on results of step one and two. If necessary, measures for test conformity and improvement are pointed out and their realization is evaluated again by a FILK expert.

First test labs already have run through the certifying process. “For us it is a responsible role to certify external test labs but also shows the appreciation of our high expertise and quality services we deliver to our customers.”, says Dr Sascha Dietrich, Head of FILK Accredited Test Lab.


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