simplified VDA 278

Thermal Desorption Analysis of Organic Emissions for the Characterization of Non-Metallic Materials for Automobiles


  • Functional Coatings + Composites
  • Biomaterials
  • Coated Textiles + Plastic Roll Goods
  • Leather + Leatherfibre Boards
  • Plastics + Elastomers + Foils
  • Textiles + Yarn
  • Trendsubstitutes
  • Components
  • Foams


  • Upholstery + Furnishing


  • VDA

The Analysis is performed similar to VDA 278. The measurement can be modified in consultation with the costumer. Possible purposes are, associated analytic for research and development or material failure analyses.

Possible modifications are: shortened precontioning time, no double determination, only VOC- or only FOG-value, other thermal desorption tempratures, only sum values (without single substance list).
Note: This modified Analyses is not sufficient for submission to OEMs!

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